During conversations between Prof. Dr. Manuel Guilherme Júnior, Dean of Eduardo Mondlane University, and the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Álvaro Cossa, at AdRMM headquarters, there was an interest in signing a collaboration agreement between AdRMM and UEM. These agreements are intended to explore areas of collaboration in the field of transfer of competencies in Engineering Sciences, Studies, Water Quality, and Information and Communication Technology, among other areas of common and strategic interest.

On the occasion, Álvaro Cossa, who was accompanied by the Chief Commercial & Innovation Officer, the Directors of Planning and Human Resources, and the Communication and Institutional Relations Office, began his approach by providing a historical context of the Delegated Management Framework for Water Supply in Mozambique until AdRMM's focused framework, associated with the company's business and sustainability challenges. He lent the parallelism of the strategic commands that guide the company, namely, the Five Year Plan of the Government 2020-2024 to the Accelerated and Integrated Program for Loss Reduction (PAIRP) and the SDG-6.

"As you can see from the esteemed Dean, AdRMM has a vast operating dimension, which we would be delighted to share with the largest and oldest university in the country, so our doors are open," said the PCA, who then added, "AdRMM has a strong interest in developing skills to boost the promotion of organizational growth with its eyes fixed on increasing the company's sustainability, thus consolidating our flag of National Pride and International Reference. This is how we find the Academy an incubator of excellence for generating results that embody the principles emanating from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-6), on universal access by 2030".
In turn, the Dean of UEM began his intervention by revealing that AdRMM has ample space to give lectures at the University, given the experience it boasts but also the sensitivity dimension of the water supply processes it manages.