The Chairman of the Board, Álvaro Cossa, says that the sustainability of the water supply systems can be achieved if the management entities strongly invest in high-performance technological solutions that allow efficient management of the Technical, Commercial and People components, in systems.

Cossa was speaking last Thursday, in Matola, to an audience of young members of various associations linked to entrepreneurship who participated in the FIN Business Forum Mozambique, where he reflected on business opportunities among young entrepreneurs from Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, China, União European.

For this audience, the President made a chronology of the main milestones of the Delegated Management Framework for Water Supply in Mozambique, sharing his experience in risk and emergency management in the context of water supply infrastructures.

He also shared the steps that the company is taking to improve customer satisfaction through telemetry and PDAs for reading, and billing rules, among other solutions that the company adopts to encourage sustainability and ensure stable financial health in the Maputo system.

The speaker of the day on the subject of Water also emphasized the need for a stable commitment to empowering people as a fundamental asset for the implementation of the various initiatives.

It is crucial to mention that FIN Business Mozambique is an initiative of Be Water, SA - one of the giants of the water sector in the world, whose experience is the result of the work it performs, plus its adaptability, and flexibility.

Be Water, S.A. develops its activity in various areas of Portuguese territory directly and through two subsidiaries, AV- Águas de Valongo, S.A. and AP – Águas de Paredes, S.A. The Be Water group guarantees the water supply to more than 230,000 people as the managing entity of several water and sanitation concessions.

In addition to its activity in water service concessions, it also provides operation and maintenance services for both public and private entities.