The Chairman of the Board, Álvaro Cossa, invited the women of AdRMM to do their best with a focus on achieving the company's strategic objectives, continuing to inspire good actions in the professional environment.

Cossa was speaking at the company's headquarters on the occasion of the celebrations of the 7th of April – Mozambican Women's Day, to a group of more than 270 women that make up AdRMM's professional fabric, having stated on the occasion that, it falls to them, the great mission to ensure family and professional survival, opting for measures of good coexistence, as they assume a crucial role in this process.

"With the contribution of women, we have made unquestionable advances in the promotion of human rights, in improving access to resources that allow us to develop socially and professionally", said the PCA.

According to Cossa, Management reiterates its commitment to gender equality and the fight against gender-based violence against women, promoting good practices for engaging women in all organic strata of the company, through the improvement of their working conditions.

The President ended his speech by underlining that "to the woman, the mother who manages the home, responsibilities are increased, as they play a fundamental role in the formation of new generations, in the promotion of moral values of peace and social justice".

It should be noted that after this greeting, there was a photo of the occasion, a toast, and then a visit to the Customer Service store, where the Administrator for the Department of Administration, Finance and Human Resources, Ana Abdula, offered roses and capulanas to three customers, an authentic prestige to these warriors.

All over the company, there were celebrations for the date marked by get-togethers, and photographic poses, where the capulana and roses allowed the AdRMM woman's peculiarity to overflow. The images received by our editorial office narrate this festive movement by and for women.