The launch event took place recently in the Municipal District of Ka Maxaquene, attended by the Chief Innovation & Comercial Officer, Inácio Inácio, and partners from the Municipal Council and the MUVA Association, in addition to Community Agents from the municipal districts of Maputo City, now trained in matters based commercials.

On the occasion, the MUVA Association delivered 24 PDAs to AdRMM's Board to reinforce the work of Community Agents in their field activities, the aim of which is to speed up inspection, billing, and collection of water bills at a community level.

Among other interventions, Inácio explained that in the past, the importance of citizen participation in the joint resolution of the main water supply issues in the city of Maputo at the neighborhood level was highlighted. Hence, this reinforcement translates into the continuity of activities that will result in quick responses to the concerns of the communities covered by the project, above all in the management of the initiative with a very significant level of youth employability.

It should be noted that to ensure satisfactory performance by the Community Agents, around 60 young people from three Municipal Districts were trained, namely KaMubukwana, KaMavota, and KaMaxaquene.

There was space, during the launch event, for the declamation of poetry that versed about the course of water in the best title O Garimpeiro, by Ricardo Mussivame.

The partnership between AdRMM and Associação MUVA reflects the acceptance and social understanding of AdRMM's intention in the search for community empowerment, hoping that this second phase represents the consolidation of the project, thus responding to the main social and financial challenges of AdRMM.