The company AdRMM will intensify, from the early hours of this Tuesday, the 14th, the supply of drinking water to the cities of Maputo and Matola and the town of Boane, following the restrictions that have taken place in recent days, due to the worsening of the hydrological situation and the power cut at the Umbelúzi Water Treatment Station (ETA-U).

The company warns, however, that the water to be supplied will be relatively cloudy, without putting human health at risk.

In light of no. 21 of ministerial diploma 180/2004, of 15 September (Regulation on Water Quality for Human Consumption), in extraordinary cases and emergencies, the supplying entity may exceptionally supply water, even if the turbidity values are above those recommended by Law (5NTU).

This exceptional supply takes place while the reservoirs at the Umbelúzi Water Treatment Plant are being cleaned, which have been submerged by rainwater in recent days.

The social imperative of supplying the population, in emergency conditions, dictated this exceptional measure on the part of the company Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, SA, which is why AdRMM requests due understanding regarding the inconveniences caused and recommends compliance with the alternative water supply announced.