The Maputo Water System comprises 3,400 km of distribution network, 15 Distribution Centers in the cities of Maputo, Matola, Vila de Boane, and part of the District of Marracuene. 290 km of transport line takes every precious drop to you.

The Journey of Water

MADZI | AdRMM: Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, SA MADZI | AdRMM: Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, SA

Fase 1

Collection and Water Treatment

The water is collected by mechanical pumping to the Treatment Station for pre-chlorination, where bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms are destroyed. Then, the clean water is physically separated.

Fase 2

Water Distribution

Chlorine is added to destroy any bacteria or microorganisms that may have escaped the treatment processes, ensuring the safety of the water up to the point of storage and consumption.

Fase 3

Delivery to Client

The signing of an Adhesion Contract allows the supply of water to the customer’s installation through a connection to the system. Periodic readings are made to check the volume of water consumed so that the invoice can be issued.

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