AdRMM: Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, SA

AdRMM is composed of specialized and experienced employees dedicated to ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. Each department is represented by a Chief who, with their team, contribute to the waters that shape Mozambique.

Meet our team.

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Castigo Álvaro Cossa exemplifies the essence of leadership, skillfully transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities. With an unwavering focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, he radiates a natural-born leadership ability driven by a genuine passion for people. As Chairman of the Board at Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo (AdRMM), Cossa’s ascent to this esteemed position is a testament to his exceptional merit and unwavering commitment.
Bearing the weight of numerous responsibilities, Cossa seamlessly manages his multifaceted role while ensuring that the individuals under his guidance navigate the waters of their professional journey with tranquility. His innate ability to inspire and motivate his team emerges from a deep understanding of the human experience, forging strong connections and fostering an empathetic environment.
Cossa embraces a transformational mindset, continuously seeking personal and professional growth and improvement. Recognizing that true leadership transcends the mere execution of tasks, he consistently encourages those around him to explore their potential and embrace opportunities for self-development. By prioritizing the growth of individuals, Cossa cultivates a collective spirit that not only propels the organization forward but also empowers each team member to flourish.
Central to Cossa’s leadership philosophy is his unwavering belief in mission command—a leadership approach that emphasizes empowering individuals to take ownership, while providing a clear framework and support system to achieve desired results. Through this approach, he nurtures a culture of accountability, collaboration, and innovation, wherein every member of the organization understands their role and is empowered to contribute to the overall success.
Cossa’s leadership style rests upon a foundation of achieving results while prioritizing the growth and well-being of his team. He recognizes that by aligning the organization’s goals with the personal aspirations of its members, an environment of excellence and fulfillment can be fostered. His steadfast commitment to individuals’ growth and development fuels their success and enhances the overall organizational performance.
In an era characterized by dynamic and ever-evolving challenges, Castigo Álvaro Cossa stands as a beacon of transformational leadership. With a steadfast focus on turning vision into reality, an empathetic approach that uplifts others, and an unwavering commitment to mission command, Cossa not only propels his organization forward but also shapes the leaders of tomorrow. His extraordinary ability to navigate the complexities of leadership while ensuring the growth and success of those around him sets him apart as an inspiring force in the realm of leadership excellence.

Tembo João Tembo, a dynamic and adaptable professional, currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Commercial & Innovation Officer at Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo (AdRMM). With an admirable blend of skills and a deep sense of responsibility, Tembo is a plotter behind AdRMM’s strategic initiatives and innovative endeavors.
Tembo’s ability to thrive under pressure, combined with his open-minded and flexible approach, makes him a valuable asset in navigating complex challenges. His professional journey has been marked by a commitment to continuous growth, reflected in his pursuit of leadership and team management courses that have honed his leadership prowess.
As the Chief Commercial & Innovation Officer, Tembo’s role goes far beyond traditional boundaries. He is a strategic visionary who orchestrates and implements business strategies, ensuring AdRMM’s competitive edge in the market. Tembo’s keen eye for market trends, combined with his thorough market research, ensures that AdRMM remains at the forefront of innovation.
Behind Tembo’s composed demeanor lies a silent powerhouse of thought. His quiet moments signify a mind tirelessly processing and analyzing, paving the way for calculated and informed decisions. Tembo’s story is one of versatility, strategic acumen, and an unwavering commitment to driving AdRMM’s commercial and innovative success to new heights.

Boasting an admirable tenure of over two decades at the Metropolitan Water Region of Maputo (AdRMM), Ana Abdula is a steadfast professional who adeptly navigates and surmounts the challenges encountered in her professional path. Her ambitious spirit bolsters her unwavering commitment to her role, and her loyalty serves as an exceptional example for her colleagues.
Currently holding the Chief Financial & People Officer position at AdRMM, she adeptly manages her substantial responsibilities while strategically managing personnel and fostering the organizational culture. Despite the considerable demands of her role, she persistently finds time to support social causes that she holds dear, with a particular emphasis on empowering communities and women.

Arone José Tivane, a seasoned professional with a decade-long journey at Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo (AdRMM), stands tall as the Chief Technical Officer. His trajectory in the water sector is not just a timeline but a testament to his dedication and expertise. With a profound penchant for project management and construction coordination, Arone brings his wealth of knowledge to every endeavor.
As the Chief Technical Officer, Arone doesn’t just manage projects; he leads with a philosophy deeply rooted in long-term outcomes and collaborative synergy. His open-door approach and belief in meticulous planning and teamwork underscore his leadership. With a firm commitment to achieving results, Arone thrives on the principles of hard work and clear objectives, bringing precision and purpose to every aspect of his role.
Arone José Tivane’s journey from his early days to the esteemed role of Chief Technical Officer at Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo reflects not just his career progression, but a profound commitment to excellence. His unwavering dedication and hands-on approach, coupled with a drive for innovation, make him an invaluable asset in the realm of water management. Arone’s story is one of growth, with his expertise and passion leaving an indelible mark on every project he undertakes.

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